What makes Singapore an entrepreneur’s paradise?

In this interview, Grace Sai, co-founder and CEO of Ravel Innovation (formerly Found8) explains what makes Singapore an entrepreneur’s paradise – from its business-friendly infrastructure and strong talent pool to its strategic geographic location as a gateway to the region. Plus, she offers tips on how those new or looking to move to the city can hit the ground running. Grace also shares why she believes being an entrepreneur is one of the hardest callings in life and why becoming part of a strong community is fundamental to success, regardless of whether you are a local or foreign business venture.


About Ravel Innovation

Ravel Innovation (formerly Found8 Innovation) is considered one of the early architects of Singapore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, after it began building its innovation-led coworking community back in 2012. It is also a venture fund and has an innovation consulting arm that helps government and corporate bodies innovate.