Collaborate with SMRT & Bolloré Logistics

in Singapore to Upgrade Workforce Capabilities

Singapore Unlocked is teaming up with SMRT and Bolloré Logistics to give Dutch startups a soft landing in Singapore, and access to the Asian Market. Join the dealmaking meetings with Singaporean corporates and show them how your tech business within data analytics, automation, training and inspection increases workforce capabilities in the field of transportation and logistics.


SMRT, leading public transport operator in Singapore, and Bolloré Logistics, leading worldwide group in transport & logistics, are looking for easy to integrate solutions that can:

    • increase efficiency and productivity through data analytics, such as machine learning, AI and IoT
    • automate current processes through robotics, tracking systems and computer vision
    • train workers’ capabilities through VR technologies, smart wearables or drone assistance


The challenge calls for technologies that upgrade the capabilities of workers to make physically demanding and repetitive jobs smarter. By taking this challenge, you will participate in dealmaking meetings with SMRT, Bollore and other leading Singaporean industry partners where possibilities for future collaboration in Singapore can be explored.


The challenge is part of Singapore Unlocked, a program that connects startups to local business opportunities to help them unlock the Singapore market. For more information visit


The challenge is a partnership with the RVO program Partners for International Business (PIB) that allows Dutch businesses to enter into a public-private partnership to realise their international ambitions.

The applications for this challenge are closed.

The Challenge

SMRT and Bolloré are looking for easy to integrate solutions for engineers and workers in the logistics industry. They are looking to explore business opportunities in Singapore with innovations that can increase efficiency and productivity through data analytics, automate current processes, better train their workers, enhance their inspection capabilities and more.

Advanced Data Analytics

Enabling engineers, technicians and front line workers to problem-solve on the job.

Examples of solutions include: deep tech, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI, IoT solution, video analytics and more.



Automating working processes for warehousing, logistics processes and freight infrastructure.

Examples of solutions include: robotics, fleet management, tracking systems and computer vision.

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Training & Inspection

Improving the training and development of workers and utilizing technologies to enable remote inspection.

Examples of solutions include: AR & VR technologies, smart wearables, exoskeletons, training and engagement applications and drone assistance.


To be applicable to the program, your company needs:

    • to be located in the Netherlands
    • a physical presence in Europe
    • your solution should be ready to implement and easy to integrate (technology readiness level 6 or higher)

Meet the ventures that participated in this challenge






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autofill technologies


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