Unlocked Podcast

Unlocked is a series of conversations about disruptions in fast-growing industries in SouthEast Asia.

Episode 5 – Deep Technology Trends in Southeast Asia w/ Luuk Eliens of Singapore Deeptech Aliance

In this episode of Unlocked, Ricky Willianto is joined by Luuk Eliens of Singapore Deeptech Alliance to talk about:

  • Challenges faced while setting up new companies in Singapore & China
  • Why Singapore is a great place to build a deep tech business.
  • The gaps between commercialisation and funding of research, and how to close/mitigate the gap.
  • The key ingredients to a successful deep tech business.
  • Challenges in investments in the deep tech space.
  • Opportunities for both founders and investors interested in exploring the deep tech space in Southeast Asia.
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Episode 4 – Healthcare in Southeast Asia w/ Fajar Ramadhany of IDBH Senso

In this episode of Unlocked, Ricky Willianto is joined by Fajar Ramadhany of IDBH Senso to talk about:

  • The focus on business culture in Indonesia.
  • The role of The Netherlands government in helping companies expand to Asia.
  • How Dutch companies can help solve healthcare issues in Indonesia.
  • Why The Netherlands is so innovative and global in nature.
  • Strategies used to be more succesfil in building a healthy working relationship in Indonesia.
  • How you should leverage on your relationships and connections.
  • The healthcare trends in Indonesia and SEA.
  • How can artificial intelligence improve the healthcare industry.
  • Opportunities and trends that are rising in the Indonesian / SEA market.
  • Solutions that are already available in the Dutch healthcare ecosystem that would fit the Indonesian market as well.
  • Resources for companies who are interested to expand or start a business in Indonesia.
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Episode 3 – Building Sustainable Cities in Southeast Asia w/ Jair Smits of Witteveel+Bos

In this episode of Unlocked, Ricky Willianto is joined by Jair Smits of Witteveen+Bos to talk about sustainable solutions and challenges faced by cities today. We talked about:

  • What does sustainability have to do with our built environment?
  • How do we make it more sustainable in cities for the people and the planet?
  • Critical areas that can be addressed with a better city design.
  • Difference between the situation in Asia vs other international markets.
  • Jair’s Hierarchy of Cities.
  • Catalysts for countries to transition to be more sustainable.
  • Challenges cities face when transitioning to be more sustainable.
  • What is lacking that will enable Singapore to develop into a truly sustainable city?
  • what can the private sector do to support and make the transition quicker?
  • Influence of infrastructure on the community.
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Episode 2 – The Evolution of the Southeast Asian Startup Ecosystem w/ Jeremy Au of Monk’s Hill Ventures

In this episode of Unlocked, Ricky Willianto is joined by Jeremy Au from Monk’s Hill Ventures to talk about the changes and development in the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem. We talked about:

  • What makes the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem unique
  • The evolution of the market: from being an end market to becoming a region with grassroots innovation that has global potential
  • Industries where Southeast Asian companies can potentially become global leaders in
  • Southeast Asia as a glocalised market – well connected globally, but having very unique local influences
  • The evolution of the startup ecosystem driven by the 2nd and 3rd generation startup founders in the region
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Episode 1 – The Alternative Protein Market w/ Good Food Institute’s Mirte Gosker

The alternative protein market in Southeast Asia is a burgeoning industry. In the first episode of Unlocked, Ricky Willianto is joined by Mirte Gosker from the Good Food Institute to talk about trends and disruptions in this market. We tried to answer these questions:

  • What are the environmental costs of lab-grown meats? What is Singapore‚Äôs stance with regards to alternative proteins & food safety?
  • How can government play the role of an enabler to support this industry?
  • How do Southeast Asians perceive meat-free option?
  • What are the blockers to the alternative protein industry in this market?
  • Where are the opportunities that are ready to be unlocked?
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